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How to Use and Preserve Galvanized Nails Effectively?

  1. When it comes to toenailing with a 90 degree angles, make sure the nails are driven at 45 degrees angles. It can effectively reduce the occurrence of backing out with the wood expending and contracting overtime.
  2. Don't nail a wide board in a line to prevent board splitting.
  3. When finishing, casing or brad nails' heads are close to wood surface, use a nail sit instead of a hammer to protect the wood surface.
  4. Use a hole driller to bear a hole with a diameter just smaller than nail shanks to avoid wood splitting, especially hard wood.
  5. To reduce wood splitting, you could also blunt the point of the nail by a hammer if you have no a hole driller.
  6. Bigger contact area of the nail means stronger holding power, choose the right nail with appropriate maximum holding power without splitting or cut through the wood board.
  7. Wear safety glasses or goggles when nailing concrete nails to avoid flying chipping from damaging your eyes.
  8. Preserve the nails in a wood or plastic box to reduce contact with air, just glue a nail outside the box then you will know what is in the box clearly. No need of buying an organizer specifically for nails and other hardware anymore!
  9. Reduce the contact with other metal products due to the sacrificial anode protection of zinc coating


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