Products List

Concrete Nails & Masonry Nails

Galvanized concrete or masonry nails, made of harden steel with round, square or fluted shanks, are firm and rigid, not easy to break or bent when penetrating.

Roofing Nails & Clout Nails

We supply galvanized roofing nails or clout nails with ring, spiral or smooth shanks, and are perfect for roofing installation with different materials.

Galvanized Common Nails

Galvanized common nails are the most frequently used nails for medium to tough construction usages such as creating shear wall panels, etc.

Galvanized Box Nails

Galvanized box nails, with thinner and smooth shanks to reduce wood splitting, are intended for light constructions including framing and box making.

Galvanized Ring Shank Nails

Galvanized ring shank nails features annular rings and higher hold powder, difficult to remove, suitable for permanent constructions whether soft or hard wood.

Galvanized Duplex Nails

Duplex nails, also known as double headed nails or scaffold nails, are galvanized and make nails easy to remove for temporary projects.

Galvanized Screw Nails

We supply galvanized screw nails with spiral shank and sharp point enabling penetration of hard and dense wood and framings much easier.

Galvanized Casing Nails

Galvanized casing nail, made of high quality steel, features its tapered head for providing neat work appearance; thereby it is widely used for finish work.

Galvanized Finishing Nails

We supply electro or hot dipped galvanized finishing nails with barrel-shaped heads, smooth shanks and sharp diamond points for trim and finish work.

Galvanized Brad Nails

Galvanized brad nails are similar to finishing nails but smaller in length and diameter for light woodworking such as corner moulding and cabinet works.

Galvanized Coil Nails

Galvanized coil nails with smooth, spiral and ring shanks welded to collation at 14 to 16 degrees are popular with carpenters in roof and siding installations.

Galvanized Cap Nails

We provides galvanized cap nails with ring shanks, plastic or metal caps for roof fastening, such as attaching felts, boards, shingles and slates, etc.