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Roofing Nail & Clout Nail - Best Choice of Roof Installation

Galvanized roofing nails, also called as clout nails feature disproportionately large flat or umbrella shaped heads and short shaft, sometimes with rubber, plastic or metal washer to prevent water leaking. The diamond points of nails are sharp enough for penetrating the wood without any damages. Meanwhile, the roofing nails are electro or hot dipped galvanized - that is, coated with zinc to avoid rust.

As its name suggests, roofing nails are designed for roof installation, for example:

What kind of roofing nails can we supply?

Different roofing materials require different types of roofing nails. Our company can provide roofing nails with ring shank, spiral shank and smooth shank as shown in following:

A roofing nail with flat head and ring shank

Ring shank roofing nail

A roofing nail with flat head and spiral shank

Spiral shank roofing nail

A roofing nail with flat head and smooth shank

Smooth shank roofing nail

A roofing nail with umbrella shaped head and spiral shank

Roofing nail with a umbrella shaped head and a spiral shank

Roofing nails with umbrella shaped head and smooth shank, without washer

Roofing nails without washer

Roofing nails with umbrella shaped head, spiral shank and rubber washer

Roofing nails with rubber washer

Ring shank roofing nails, with boarder head than standard nails, are suitable for fastening shingles and asphalt roofing felts in areas with adverse weather conditions.

Spiral shank roofing nails are twist for holding wood and pallets in position without slipping. Even though in bad weather, the nail secures the roof firmly so there is no need of caring about roof cracking anymore! With sharper point than other roofing nails, this one is driven into the roof materials easily without splitting.

The standard, cheapest and widest used roofing nails are smooth shank roofing nails, although it does not have high holding strength to support your roof as others. If you are on a tight budget, this one is a competitive choice.

All of our roofing nails are made of high quality steel such as Q192, Q235 or other materials as your request. The excellent zinc coating enables the nail anti-weather and corrosion resistance with a longer service time. Galvanized roofing nails range from one to six inches. But the one to two inches are common choices for most types of roof installations.


Galvanized roofing nails
Length Gauge Head size Approx. count per pound
3/4" 11 7/16" 366
7/8" 11 7/16" 323
1" 11 7/16" 285
1-1/4" 11 7/16" 233
1-1/2" 11 7/16" 200
1-3/4" 11 7/16" 171
2" 11 7/16" 149
2-1/2" 11 7/16" 122
3" 11 7/16" 103
3-1/2" 11 7/16" 89
4" 11 7/16" 78
5" 9" 15/32" 63
6" 9" 15/32" 54


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