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Best Penetrator of Dense Wood Framing - Screw Nails

Galvanized screw nails, also known as spiral shank nails are popular due to their strong bonding powder. They have helical shanks, resembling screws, and sharp point making penetrating easier just by turning and twisting the nail. Meanwhile, screw nails are slightly easier to be pulled out comparing to ring shank nails. What you need to do is just turn the nails in opposite direction.

The nail works best with hard wood and other dense materials. The nails also perform more excellent than those with smooth shanks in the area where the wood subjects to repeat temperature and moisture changes.

Versatile galvanized screw nails can be used in various applications, such as

Meanwhile, our galvanized screw nails are electro or hot dipped galvanized so that it works better in humid environments with perfect rust and corrosion resistance.

A galvanized screw nail with low spiral extent

Galvanized screw nails are ideal fastener for hard wood

Two galvanized screw nail with high spiral extent

Two galvanized screw nails

Five galvanized screw nails in different sizes

Galvanized screw nails in different lengths and thicknesses


Size Length Gauge Size Length Gauge
3D 1-1/4" 12-1/2 30D 4-1/2" 7
4D 1-1/2" 12-1/2 40D 5" 7
6D 2" 11 50D 5-1/2" 7
8D 2-1/2" 11 60D 6" 7
10D 3" 10 70D 7" 5
12D 3-1/4" 10 80D 8" 5
16D 3-1/2" 9 90D 9" 5
20D 4" 7


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