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Comparison of Electro and Hot Dipped Galvanized nails

Galvanized nails, as the most commonly used nails, is covered with a zinc coating as a protective barrier to avoid rust and corrosion. Compare to other anti-rust coatings like chromium, the zinc coating features sacrificial anode. When the surface of galvanized nails is damaged with scratches, the surrounding coating will dissolve to protect the inner material from rusting.

According to the way of galvanization, the nails can be classified into electro galvanized nails and hot dipped galvanized nails. Here is the comparison between the two types:

An electro galvanized common nail with shiny smooth surface

Electro-galvanized nails

A hot dipped galvanized common nail with dull grainy surface

Hot dipped galvanized nails

Features Electro-galvanized nails Hot dipped galvanized nails
Before galvanization No need of clean. Must to clean grease and dirt.
Techniques Nails are galvanized with the help of an electrical current. Nails are submerged in molten zinc.
Layer thickness Thin, generally in 3 to 8 microns About ten times the thickness of electro galvanized layer, generally in 50 to 100 microns
Surface appearance Smooth and even,bright and shiny Dull, grainy, crystallized appearance
Corrosion resistance Unable to withstand continual exposure to corrosive materials such as saltwater. Much better than electro galvanized nails due to its thick zinc layer
Salt spray test performance Unable to withstand these types of surface abrasions in less than 10 hours. The salt spray test of hot dipped galvanized nails can be reached in about 30 hours.
Application Necessary for most residential purposes Not suitable to be used with acid materials, such as redwood, cedar, or treated lumber, etc. Necessary for outdoor exposure applications Enable to be used in bad environments such as acid, corrosive, humid circumstance.


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