• Galvanized nails including common nails, box nails, roofing nails, ring shank nails, brad nails, screw nails, etc.
  • One nail in a man’s hand and another on the wood board are going to be nailed by a hammer
  • Three coils of galvanized nails are placed on the floor.

Choose Suitable Galvanized Nails for Your Construction Projects

Can you finish your construction without nails? Obviously, the answer is No! Nails, as the most basic and fundamental fasteners in constructions, are widely used by whether carpenters or architects.

If you have some intentions of undertaking construction projects, you should be familiar with different kinds of nails and what they are used for. The most used types of nails are available in our company and here is the brief instruction for providing you a convenient way to choose nails.

A hammer and some galvanized nails placed on some wood boards

Galvanized nails are essential in wood constructions

Concrete nails & masonry nails, designed to be driven into concrete brick or walls, manufactured of harden steel, are of rigid nature as opposite to the flexible type. Three kinds of concrete nails may be with round, rectangular or fluted shafts for different holding power.

Roofing nails & clout nails with big heads, short but heavy shafts, are the best choices for roof installation. The nails can be classified according to the nails' shanks including smooth, spiral or ring shanks with flat head or umbrella-shaped head as your opinions. Metal, plastic or rubber washers for anti-leaking are also available.

Common nails, with flat head and smooth surface, are your everyday nails for rough framing works. Common nails supplied by our company vary in length ranging from 3d to 60d for you to choose from.

Box nails, flat head with thinner shank than common nails, are perfect for light framing works. Not easy to split wood but with less holding power. Box nails with the length of 2d to 40d are available.

Ring shank nails, also called as annular ring nails, are of high pulling-out resistance for permanent constructions, especially fastening sidings, roofing, floor and drywalls, etc. Meanwhile, it is much suitable for working with soft wood materials.

Duplex nails, with double heads at a distance of about one quarter inch, are the best solution to temporary construction fastening. The exposing head not only makes pulling-out action much easier just by a claw hammer, but also secures wall hangings firmly in your desired position.

Screw nails & spiral nails, with bigger contact surface for higher holding powder, provides an easy way of penetration to wood or other hard materials owing to its spiral shanks and sharp points. What you need to do is just turning and twisting the nail!

Casing nails are nails with tapered heads, thicker shafts than finishing nails and higher holding power. The head can be flush with or even under the wood surface for a neat appearance, so they are popular in moulding, furniture and decorations.

Finishing nails features its barrel-shaped head which are small and can be driven below the surface of wood by a nail set which presses on the dimple of nail's head. Finish nails are ideal for finish work where there is a strict need of aesthetic effect without strong holding power.

Brad nails, just smaller than finishing nails, with thinner heads, are suitable for light finish wood working such as securing no-load bearing scenery and props, etc. They are available in the shank thickness ranging from gauge 13 to gauge 18.

Coil nails, designed to use with a pneumatic nail gun, are nails welded to wires and then assembled together in coils. As your request, nails with smooth, spiral, ring shank or even double heads are available.

Cap nails are not only suitable for roof installation, but also securing other board and sheets. There are two types of cap welded or adhered to the main nails including metal cap and plastic cap for you to choose from.

Our products are manufactured of high quality mild or carbon steel under strict quality control. Most of all, all of them are electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized (see technology) for rust and corrosion resistance. As your request; double hot dipped galvanized nails can be made to order.

After reading all these instructions, have you got the idea about choosing the most suitable nails for your project? If not, just be free to email us at nails@galvanizednails.net, and we will give you some helpful advice.

Hot Products

  • Concrete Nails & Masonry Nails

    Galvanized concrete or masonry nails, made of harden steel with round, square or fluted shanks, are firm and rigid, not easy to break or bent when penetrating.
  • Roofing Nails & Clout Nails

    We supply galvanized roofing nails or clout nails with ring, spiral or smooth shanks, and are perfect for roofing installation with different materials.
  • Galvanized Common Nails

    Galvanized common nails are the most frequently used nails for medium to tough construction usages such as creating shear wall panels, etc.
  • Galvanized Box Nails

    Galvanized box nails, with thinner and smooth shanks to reduce wood splitting, are intended for light constructions including framing and box making.